Famous GIF site Imgur now supports videos

If you've ever found yourself wasting away the day by looking at GIF after GIF, chances are you did so on Imgur. Founded back in February 2009, Imgur is bringing its 250 million monthly users a new feature that can be viewed right now — videos.

This is a big shift for Imgur, marking the first time that content on the site has supported sound. Videos are set up to automatically play, but they'll do so in a muted state. If you want to hear the audio that goes along with them, you'll need to manually toggle the sound on.

Imgur COO Roy Sehgal recently told TechCrunch that the company was recently "cash flow positive" and was on track to become profitable at some point this year. Video is expected to help out with that goal, with video ads appearing more commonplace on the site now that users can share audio-touting content, too.

All Imgur users can watch videos on the website now as part of the new homepage update, but when it comes to uploading video content, only iOS users have access to this at the moment. This functionality will open up to more users soon, but there's no specific date as to when that'll be.

Imgur videos are limited to a max of 30 seconds and Imgur has a built-in video editor to make the uploading process as easy as can be.

I personally don't use Imgur all that often, but if you're a fan of the site, what do you think about this change? Do you like the addition of video or does it mess up Imgur's flow?

Download: Imgur (free)

Joe Maring

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