Flickr and Vimeo integration rumored for iOS 7

If the latest rumors turn out to be correct we could be looking at social photo and video integration in iOS 7 by way of Flickr and Vimeo support, most likely added to the existing social sharing options of Twitter and Facebook. The story comes by way of 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman:

"Both Flickr and Vimeo will now also be integrated deeply into the new operating system, so users will be able to sign into the respective networks via iOS 7′s built-in Settings application. Like with iOS’s Facebook and Twitter ties, Apple customers will be able to log-in one time into each social network and have full sharing access."

Presumably that would also mean that, as with Twitter and Facebook, other third-party apps would be able to hook into Flickr and Vimeo by way of an instant log in. It's important to remember also, as Gurman points out, that any feature currently in testing could still be removed prior to the release of iOS 7. Interesting stuff, for sure. Do either of these two social options get you excited?

Source: 9to5Mac

Richard Devine

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