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Flickr and Vimeo integration rumored for iOS 7

If the latest rumors turn out to be correct we could be looking at social photo and video integration in iOS 7 by way of Flickr and Vimeo support, most likely added to the existing social sharing options of Twitter and Facebook. The story comes by way of 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman:

"Both Flickr and Vimeo will now also be integrated deeply into the new operating system, so users will be able to sign into the respective networks via iOS 7′s built-in Settings application. Like with iOS’s Facebook and Twitter ties, Apple customers will be able to log-in one time into each social network and have full sharing access."

Presumably that would also mean that, as with Twitter and Facebook, other third-party apps would be able to hook into Flickr and Vimeo by way of an instant log in. It's important to remember also, as Gurman points out, that any feature currently in testing could still be removed prior to the release of iOS 7. Interesting stuff, for sure. Do either of these two social options get you excited?

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • So they'll integrate Vimeo, but not YouTube, which the vast majority people use more and is considered the 'default' video service? Apple must REALLY want to keep Google's at arm's length when it comes to system integration, regardless of what people would actually want. Apple Maps again, anyone?
  • What would excite me is the ability to pick which network(s) to share with, rather than have Apple pick an immutable list of favorites.
  • Yep, this. Rather than cherry picking a couple apps here and there to grant system level access (regardless of popularity), maybe let apps talk to each other, so WE can pick what to share with which app. They don't need to grant system level access to every app, just let them talk to each other. And no, the current sharing solution isn't sufficient (the app has to be programmed to allow sharing with certain other ones), I want an app to be able to see what other apps are on the phone, and let me choose any of them that I want to share with, not what's predetermined in the app itself. Android legitimately does this better. Surely iOS can do a least a lite form of it without hurting stability, right?
  • Is that a legitimate troll? Or just a random spew?
  • Neither, but I'm curious to hear why you think iOS does a better job of inter-app sharing and communication. Should be good for a chuckle.
  • We're all curious why you think that we care about what you want in iOS.
    And why you think that subject is some kind of troll attack vector here.
    Should be good for a chuckle.
  • Wow we're in a bad mood tonight. ....because the author of the story asked for our opinions about iOS 7 and obscure video services (that few people use) with greater sharing services than others, when a better solution (that many people have asked for in iOS 7, including several iMore writers) is to just allow apps greater freedom to share information with each other? Seems pretty on topic to me. Calling it troll drivel without addressing the content is a pretty dang childish and dare i say "trollish" remark. (Not to mention, what the heck made you so hostile this evening?) Now that i answered your question, it is your turn to answer mine.
  • Flickr: Too big to die now that Yahoo! has bought it. I just might try it. Vimeo: What YouTube could have been if it had any class.
  • Flickr has been part of yahoo for years..
  • Haven't used it for all of those years. Or Instagram either.
    But since Facebook bought Instagram, I'll give it a pass.
  • Viveo and Flickr not on my lists of wants. On a related matter though twitter and facebook are welcome i honestly am fine accessing them through apps and never use the "integration."
  • Oh sweet mother of christ, no.
  • Both services I enjoy. I'm in.
  • Hope they have a lot more than this for IOS7 since I don't really use either of those that much that the app alone would not suffice.
  • Ha....nope, that's the only thing we're getting in ios7!!! A lil bit flatter & Vimeo/Flckr integration, nothing else.