I have a ton of headphones that I use for different scenarios, and what I'm in the mood for, but one of my favorites lately is the HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold gaming Bluetooth headset. It's one of the most comfortable in my collection, and I often forget that they're even on. And best of all, they are at their lowest price yet right now for Cyber Monday.

Rose Gold all the things!

HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold headset

HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold Gaming Wired and Bluetooth Headset

Game in comfort and style

HyperX Cloud Mix is a wired gaming headset that also has Bluetooth. It's insanely comfortable, has a detachable boom mic for improved audio on calls, and has hi-res audio for gaming sessions, music, and everything else. The Rose Gold color is insanely pretty and finally on sale.

I have a dozen or so headphones available regularly, but honestly, I'm quite particular about what I tend to use daily. And one of my favorites that came out quite recently in the past few months is the Rose Gold color of the HyperX Cloud Mix gaming headset.

Even though this headset is marketed as a gaming headset, it's great for listening to music, video and phone calls, and podcast listening. It's also Bluetooth compatible, so you can easily pair it to your computer or smartphone, and it supports multiple devices at once. This headset works with your smartphone, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, so it's very versatile. It has about 20 hours of battery on a single full charge with the micro-USB cable, but it also has a standard 3.5mm audio cable so you can continue using them even once they're out of juice.

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While the Cloud Mix headset has a built-in mic, there is also a detachable boom mic for even better audio, and it's perfect for gaming sessions. The mic is quite flexible, so you can adjust it to be the perfect distance away from your mouth when speaking, or just push it out of the way if you're drinking a nice cup of joe like I do every week on my weekly team meetings.

The audio from the HyperX Cloud Mix headset is rich, hi-resolution frequency range of 10Hz to 40kHz. It's comparable to my Sennheiser HD1 Momentum headphones because I can hear quite a bit of depth and details in the music I'm listening to. I'm not a complete audiophile, but I believe the audio from the Cloud Mix is high quality and much better than cheaper headsets.

I have mentioned that these headphones are quite comfortable. I can wear them for hours at a time, and I really don't feel anything. In fact, often I forget that they're on, especially as I work at home. The headset is flexible and feels durable, so you don't have to worry about anything. Plus, the 3.5mm audio cable has quite a bit of length, so you don't need to worry about it being too short.

HyperX's Cloud Mix headset has been around for a while, but the Rose Gold color was a newer addition to the collection. I absolutely love the colors, as the rose gold is a perfect accent to the bright white. While the Black color has been on sale a few times this weekend, this is the first time that I've seen the Rose Gold option go on sale.

If you love Rose Gold for everything like me, then this is a great headset to pick up for everything, and it's at its cheapest right now for Cyber Monday!

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