How to access Netflix games on iPhone and iPad

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While Netflix has made a name for itself as a streaming service providing movies and TV shows — including a wide library of original content — the platform has also begun investing in gaming. Because of how relatively recent this is, many people still don't realize they can play games using their Netflix accounts.

If that includes you, don't worry, we're here to help. Here's how to access Netflix games on iPhone and iPad, so you're never left out.

How to access Netflix games on iPhone and iPad

To start, you'll obviously need to make sure you have a current Netflix subscription. From there, things are easy. 

1. Sign in to your Netflix account on your iPhone or iPad.

2. On the home page, scroll down.

3. You'll eventually find a Netflix Games row.

4. Alternatively, you can search "games" in the Netflix search bar.

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5. Now that you've found the games, choose one of the available titles to play.

Unfortunately, this does mean you'll need to look around when you want to play the best iPhone games on Netflix with an iOS or iPadOS device. Android devices currently have a dedicated games tab, but that feature hasn't made its way over to the Apple ecosystem just yet. 

In better news, all games on Netflix support touch controls, so you won't need to bother with pairing one of the best controllers or hooking something else up to your device, making this the perfect way to play games on the go or while traveling. 

Note that some games require an internet connection to play, but others can be downloaded to your device and played even if you don't have a clear signal, so you'll want to check the details of what you're playing on a per-game basis.

Naturally, having a bigger screen and higher processing power will help with some games, so anyone with the best iPads available right now will have the best experience possible playing Netflix games.

Right now, Netflix has no plans to introduce another tier specifically for gaming. Instead, games that are added to Netflix will be available as part of a regular membership, with no added fees. Games can also be played at the same time as someone watching something else through your account, though standard profile limitations apply here.

More to come in the future

Netflix doesn't have a huge library of games right now, but that might be changing in the future. The company has steadily invested more and more resources into gaming, acquiring three game development studios as of 2022, including Night School Studio, the developer behind Oxenfree. 

During Summer Game Fest Geeked Week, Netflix revealed that it planned to have over 50 games available as part of its subscription by the end of 2022, including original titles like Before Your Eyes and ports of existing games. The company is currently working on a game based on the Shadow and Bone series, as well as bringing over ports of titles like Into the Breach and Spiritfarer. 


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