PlayStation Portal stock is hard to find, but these iPhone controllers are excellent this Cyber Monday

PlayStation Portal versus Remote Play iPhone
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The PlayStation Portal is currently the hottest gaming accessory on the planet. The remote player’s stock is sold out everywhere, and the device is selling for more than $300 on eBay — that’s $100 over its $199 RRP.

Here are some fantastic iPhone controllers on sale, like the Backbone One at $69 for Cyber Monday, that will give you a similar PlayStation gaming experience without paying over the odds on the aftermarket for a PlayStation Portal.

Where to find the best Cyber Monday iPhone controller deals

Backbone One — the obvious choice

The BackBone One is the obvious choice to make your iPhone come as close to the PlayStation Portal experience as possible. Officially licensed by Sony, the BackBone One is available with USB-C for the iPhone 15 lineup and Lightning for the iPhone 14 and older. It’s a grip-style controller that slots over your iPhone to give you a handheld experience while still taking advantage of the beautiful OLED display.

Backbone recently released a brand-new 2nd generation of the One with an improved D-pad, a better launcher app, and, most importantly, a new design that means you can use your iPhone for gaming without removing your case like in the previous generation.

BackBone One (2nd generation)|$99 $69 at Amazon

BackBone One (2nd generation)| $99 $69 at Amazon

The BackBone One Mobile Gaming Controller is officially licensed by Sony and gives you a brilliant gaming experience on the go. The 2nd generation is already on sale, improving on the winning formula.

Price check: Best Buy $99.99 | Backbone $69.99

Not only will you be able to play your PS5 games using Remote Play, but the Backbone works with Xbox Cloud Gaming and all iOS games, giving you far more choice than a PlayStation Portal ever would. Not only is the Backbone One a great choice, but the 2nd generation model is reduced to $69.99 for Cyber Monday, that’s 30% off the usual $99.99 price tag.

Xbox controller + mount — a comfortable choice

Did you know you can play PS5 Remote Play with an Xbox controller connected to your iPhone? Yes, it’s not as ideal as using a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, but, in my opinion, the Xbox controller is the most comfortable option on the market and is also far cheaper.

Xbox Wireless Controller |$65$45 at Amazon

Xbox Wireless Controller | $65 $45 at Amazon

Available in multiple colors, the Xbox Wireless Controller is one of the best controllers ever made. Combined with a mount, you can play games and Remote Play on your iPhone with comfort and ease.

Price check: Walmart $45

Reduced from $65 to $45 for Cyber Monday, the Xbox controller can serve as a multi-purpose gaming controller for your Remote Play needs as well as playing games on your Mac. And, if you own an Xbox, you can either use the controller you already own or have an extra one when your friends come around to play.

To get the handheld vibe from the controller, you’ll need a mount, and this cool-looking mount from NBCP connects to your iPhone via MagSafe — if that’s not one of the best uses of MagSafe I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. Thanks to Cyber Monday, the controller and mount come in at a sweet $60, saving you $240 compared to the current PlayStation Portal eBay prices.

NBCP Xbox Controller Mount |$19$15 at Amazon

NBCP Xbox Controller Mount | $19 $15 at Amazon

This affordable controller mount uses MagSafe to attach to your iPhone, allowing you to use an Xbox controller for gaming on the go. With 20% off for Cyber Monday, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a budget Remote Play option.

PlayStation Portal stock is low, but who cares?

The PlayStation Portal may be low on stock across the globe, but why should that stop us from playing our PlayStation games on the go? Your iPhone is always in your pocket, and that makes it one of the best portable gaming options around. So don’t pay over the odds for the PlayStation Portal this Cyber Monday and instead get a more affordable and more convenient option with one of these iPhone controller solutions.

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