More evidence that Apple is going with xrOS for Apple VR has surfaced

An artist's concept of what Apple's VR/AR headset might look like
(Image credit: Antonio De Rosa / ADR Studio Design)

There have been a few names that have been bandied about for Apple VR – realityOS and xrOS Pro, with xrOS being the most common and reputably shared. The latter, xrOS, looks to be the name that Apple is going with for the headset's operating system, with more and more evidence pointing to it.

This latest little xrOS tidbit comes from Steve Troughton-Smith on Mastodon, who has discovered some interesting stuff in App Store Connect - which is the service that developers and app makers use to get their apps on the App Store for iOS.

xrOS appears again

Taking to Mastodon, Troughton-Smith tried to trick App Store Connect with an app built for xrOS, taking a screenshot of the error message that it kicked back at him.

Error message from Steve Troughton-Smith when he tried to put an xrOS app on the app store

(Image credit: Steve Troughton-Smith)

Troughton-Smith says that Apple is now using tools to identify xrOS binaries – going on to say that "it suggests App Store Connect is using AppleInternal versions of the linker tooling which already have been updated to recognize xrOS binaries."

It looks now like App Store Connect could also be used to bring out apps on the new Apple VR headset, too.

The xrOS name has also been trademarked by Apple's shell companies all over the world, notably in Europe and New Zealand. And this time, it's more than likely that this will be the name that we see plastered across a keynote screen at WWDC in a few days, although we'll have to wait for the show to see for certain. Perhaps we'll be thrown a curveball, and Apple will call it OSdave.

It's becoming ever more likely that we'll finally get a glimpse of Apple's headset in the coming days, showing us what it will look like, how it will function, and how much it's going to cost.

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