VR experts invited to WWDC ahead of Apple's rumored unveiling of its headset

Apple Reality Pro concept in yellow
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With WWDC 2023 just around the corner, excitement for Apple's VR headset is at a fever pitch, and Apple inviting VR journalists and experts to the conference isn't going to make anyone less curious as to whether the headset will make a surprise appearance.

The show starts on June 5 this year, featuring a Keynote and hands-on experiences with the new tech that Apple will reveal. Journalists and guests from all over the world have been invited to see... something new at the Keynote, and it's unlikely you'd invite those dedicated to VR to come and see the new MacBook Air 15-inch.

Apple VR is finally looking likely

Amongst the ranks of those invited to the show include UploadVR's Ian Hamilton, a self-described VR journalist, and Norman Chan, the VR-focused member of the Tested.com team. It all points to one thing – Apple is going to show us the Apple VR (or Reality Pro) headset at WWDC.

We have a fair amount of information already about what the new headset might look like. There have been designs galore, all with similar features and looks, along with other leaks.

The OS is likely to be called xrOS, and will look like a version of iPadOS in VR. The headset will be 'mixed reality,' so there will be both VR and AR applications within its chassis. There are going to be cameras on the outside, potentially with some kind of indicator on the outside to let others know when the cameras are in use.

Users might be able to have Facetime calls in VR, alongside Apple TV Plus being available at its launch, and more – but we'll not be totally sure of any of it until the headset is actually revealed in (hopefully) a few weeks. There should be other reveals as well, such as a larger 15-inch MacBook Air, and more information about the latest software update to iPhone, iOS 17.

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