GarageBand for iOS updated with Audiobus support

GarageBand for iOS has been updated with editing enhancements, bug fixing, and Audiobus support. Audiobus is an app that facilitates communication between supported music apps, allowing you to, for instance, create a track in one app, send it immediately to another for filtering or effects work, then send the filtered audio into another app, like a multi-track recorder. This all takes place within the apps themselves, no need to copy or use an “Open In...” menu.

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Audiobus recently announced an SDK for developers who want to support its capabilities.

Other enhancements includ the ability to turn off grid snapping, giving users greater control when editing their recordings. There is also a fix for an issue that caused feedback when connecting third-party audio accessories through the headphone jack.

The update is live one the App Store. Go grab it and let us know what you think.

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