What would you say if you could pick up all of Lightroom's top photo editing software and resources for only $97.

Yeah, you read that right — a bundle that's normally $345 for only $97!

Well this Black Friday Lightroom is offering up their Mega Bundle, which consists of 2 Lightroom courses and over 300 premium presets that'll help you get into the flow of editing and perfecting your images.

In the Lightroom Mega Bundle, you get access to things like…

  • Lightroom Mastery Course ($99) that'll teach you the basics and the ins and outs of Lightroom.
  • Lightroom Mastery: People and Portraits Course ($99) which will show you secrets that all the professionals use to snap their top-notch photos
  • 101 Lightroom Presets Pack ($49) where pro wedding photography and Lightroom exper, Cole Joseph, shows off his tips and tricks along with 7-high quality photo-editing collections.
  • 101 Lightroom Landscape Presets Pack ($49) where pro landscapes photographer Sarah Sisson's editing system breaks down how to capture the ideal landscape photo.
  • 101 Lightroom Portrait Presets ($9) that gives you access to countless image-enhancing options to make your portraits and photography say exactly what you want them to.

The bundle not only comes with a dozen other bells and whistles that make that $97 appealing AF, but it also comes with a video training course that takes you through how to use Lightroom one step at a time.

What do you think?

Do you think that this Black Friday deal is worth splurging on? Let us know what your top Black Friday picks are in the comments below!

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