Pad & Quill makes premium leather wallet cases for iPhone models dating back to the iPhone 7. They're quality made and have a lot of features. The Bella Fino Edition for iPhone 11 Pro is one of my top picks for leather iPhone cases and for 35% off, it makes it that much easier on the pocket book. Don't forget to use the code iMore10 to get an additional 10% off the already great discounts.

Premium leather discount

Pad & Quill leather wallet iPhone cases

Save money on these luxury iPhone cases and get an additional discount on us.

Whether it's the Bella Fino full wallet case or the leather minimalist Traveler case, you can find a great deal on Pad & Quill for Black Friday.

Pad & Quill's latest wallet case, the Bella Fino, just came out a couple of months ago, when the new iPhone 11 Pro launched. I reviewed it shortly after it launched, and quickly fell in love with it.

It has four card slots that stretch to fit up to eight (that's right, eight) cards, one of them being a window slot for your ID, plus a stack of cash.

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The hardshell case that snaps the iPhone 11 Pro into place protects from scratches and can be a glass-saving feature if you drop your iPhone (it's not drop-protected graded or anything, but it's better than nothing). It is stuck to the leather folio with a standard 3M adhesive.

This year, Pad & Quill added a handy removable elastic strap (in stylish colors) so you can keep that wallet completely closed up until it breaks in. Then, if you so choose, remove the elastic and go free, or keep the elastic on if you prefer the look.

If you've had your eye on the Bella Fino, pick one up for Black Friday and be sure to use the promo code iMore10 at check out for that additional 10% off.

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