I loved the AirPods 2 and I wear the AirPods Pro every day. However, thanks to some grappling-mashed ears, even the new silicon tips don't guarantee that they'll stay in place indefinitely. So, when I'm working out or just active when I'm out and about, I don't reach for AirPods. I reach for PowerBeats Pro, especially now that they're on Cyber Monday.

PowerBeats Pro have passive noise isolation, not active noise cancelation like AirPods Pro. They come with three sizes of interchangable silicone tips, but they don't do all the fancy computational audio stuff necessary to analyze and annihilate all the ambient noise around you.

AirPods with ear hooks

Powerbeats Pro in ivory

PowerBeats Pro

AirPods ease, PowerBeats fit

Take AirPods, add an around-the-ear loop, four different in-ear tip choices, IPX 4 sweat and splash resistance, and color options, and you have Powerbeats Pro. These are easy pairing pods that don't fall off.

The case doesn't charge inductively, though, so you can't just dump them on a Qi compatible charger like you can AirPods Pro.

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However, PowerBeats Pro do have a few things going for them that even AirPods Pro can't match. First, they come in honest-to-Jobs colors. Not just iconic iPod white. In point of fact, the cloest you can come to that is ivory white. But, you can also get them in black as well as navy blue and moss green. Wait, wait... Moss green? I know, I know. But, well, color beggers can't be choosers, right? Also: Moss green doesn't look at all bad — even kinda badass — when paired with a midnight green iPhone Pro.

They're also water resistant — which includes sweat and light rain — so you can take them to the gym or out for a jog.

Moreover, they have large, comfortable hooks that fit around your ears. So, if the in-ear falls works its way out of you ear, the whole thing doesn't just fall to the ground. Or the street. Or the matts. Or the ski slope. Or whever else you'll never be able to find them again.

PowerBeats Pro also have the same H1 audio chip as the AirPods, so pairing with your Apple devices is just as easy and pairing with your non-Apple devices is... the same as any other Bluetooth device.

So, if you want that AirPods experience but you need something that just won't fall off, get the PowerBeats Pro and save yourself 20% for Cyber Monday.

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