Sleep is something that a lot of us may have trouble with, because sometimes it's just hard to turn off our brains at night. Fortunately, weighted blankets are a thing, and they've been gaining in popularity in recent years. Gravid is a Canadian company that makes high quality weighted blankets, and they're on sale right now, making it the perfect opportunity to try one out for yourself.

Time for some shut eye

Gravid Platinum Black Friday Bundle

Good night!

The Gravide Platinum Black Friday bundle features a weighted blanket (15 or 20 lbs), MicroPlush cover, EcoBreeze Cooling Cover, Weighted Sleep Mask with ClimaGel, and Sherpa House Slippers, all in a sturdy gift box. There are additional bundles that come with less items if you do not need everything the Platinum bundle.

Weighted blankets are especially helpful for those who suffer from insomnia, ADHD, and other stress-related factors. With weighted blankets, they use Deep Touch Pressure to help one relax and calm down, resulting in better sleep.

I've been using a Gravid weighted blanket myself for the past few weeks, and I've been getting some of the best darn sleep ever. I have a 20 lb blanket (it's recommended to use a weight that is 10 percent of your body weight) and I have been using it with the silky EcoBreeze Cooling Cover. The Cooling Cover is my preferred cover for the blanket because I tend to get warm while I'm under blankets, and end up waking up in a sweat sometimes. The EcoBreeze is made with a silky material that feels cool to the touch and wicks away moisture while you sleep, so you still get the benefits of the weighted blanket without getting too hot.

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My Gravid blanket is also in the Queen size, so it easily covers both me and my husband, and the 20 lb weight really limits my movement, so I just end up falling asleep easier. If you don't have a Queen size bed, the Gravid blankets also come in Twin size. I also have the MicroPlush Cover, which is a luxurious, soft cover that will provide you with more warmth than the EcoBreeze, but it won't wick away that moisture if you get too hot.

For the nights when I truly am restless, I've found the weighted sleep mask to calm me down. There is definitely some heft to it, but it's not too much so it's uncomfortable, and it definitely helps you calm down when used with the weighted blanket.

The bundle I have did not include the Sherpa House Slippers, but from the looks of it, they look comfy to wear around the house and are definitely a nice bonus.

I was previously using a cheaper weighted blanket before the Gravid, but I feel that the Gravid has helped me get some of the best sleep I've had, especially since I have the 20 lb Queen blanket. It's comfy and having options for covers is great, and the weighted sleep mask helps out a lot.

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