I love nearly everything that Mujjo makes. Their leather iPhone cases are sturdy, yet rugged. Their MacBook sleeves are classy and eye-catching. Their Touchscreen gloves are fully touch capacitive (ever thread, everywhere). They have successfully won my heart since my first Mujjo iPhone case.

If you're a fan of the company's luxury leather line and appreciate the minimal, professional design aesthetic, This weekend is your chance to get anything you want in the store, and I mean anything (including their brand new Touchscreen Gloves), at 25% off through November 26.

Get an iPhone SE with Mint Mobile service for $30/mo

Use the offer code #imore at checkout to receive 25% off anything in the store. That's gloves, sleeves, and cases for Apple devices, Galaxy phone, and Surface Laptops (don't worry, our feelings won't be hurt if you use our offer code to buy non-Apple cases).

If your total comes to more than $70, shipping is free, too. Believe me, there are enough amazing products from Mujjo to get you over that $70 threshold.

Remember: Use #imore at checkout to get 25% off anything in the store now through November 26.

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