If you have an iPhone 11 series device, then you probably have fallen in love with those amazing cameras, both rear-facing and selfie cameras. But if you want to get the best photos, you'll want to add a selfie stick to your arsenal of iPhone photography tools. The Smatree Telescoping Selfie Stick is a great addition, and it's on sale for Cyber Monday.

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Smatree Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

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This selfie stick has a flexible ball head that can rotate a full 360-degrees for the best point of view. It's compatible with your GoPro Hero and smartphones, including iPhone 11 and other similar devices. It is adjustable in length from 11.8-inches to 36.6-inches for all of your photographing needs.

Whether you are just using your iPhone camera, or you have a dedicated action camera like the GoPro HERO, a tripod and selfie stick is a great addition for anyone. And right now, it's a great time to buy the Smatree Telescoping Selfie Stick, as it's 15 percent off for Cyber Monday.

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With this durable aluminum telescoping selfie stick, you can adjust the length to whatever you need for the perfect shot. It can go from 11.8-inches all the way up to 36.6-inches, so you get the best field of view in your iPhone 11 or GoPro HERO lens. While the stick was built for GoPro's first, there is a cell phone adapter that will work with pretty much any smartphone out there, including our favorite, the iPhone 11.

The stick has a ball head that has an adjustable field of view of 360-degrees. And even though it is a selfie stick, there is a tripod base that you can lock in place with a counter-clockwise twist, and it has slip-resistant rubber to prevent sliding on a flat surface. Smatree also has a wrist strap for using it in selfie stick mode.

Since it is less than a foot in length when at its smallest size, it's perfectly portable.

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