Right now you can save big on both the latest Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler Controller and the previous generation model at Amazon. This brings the pricing down to $189.99 for the latest, and $139.99 for the 2nd-gen model, both of which are great prices. Discounts are available on both the 8-zone (priced above) and 16-zone options, so be sure to grab the controller that will work best for your system.

Android Central has all the info you need about this new generation of sprinkler control. The key element though is that wireless flow meter because it doesn't exist on the previous generations. It allows you to keep track of exactly how much water your system uses. The app will be able to inform you of leaks, and the system will automatically shut down if damage or flooding becomes an issue. The third-gen model also comes with better weather intelligence, the ability to start your sprinklers right from the unit, and more.

The second-gen model still offers a ton of great features, and if you're looking to get started without spending a whole lot, this is a great way to do it.

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