No gaming or office setup is complete without a few RGB LED light strips. In fact, you can deck out pretty much any part of your house, be it a TV station, a kitchen work top or even a bedside. This huge range of Cyber Monday LED strip lights has something for everyone, with prices starting at just $10. Like most light strips, they'll be very easy to apply and setup, and come with remote controls to bathe your setup in whatever shade of RGB you like, some even have compatibility with mobile apps for controls on the fly.

Daybetter LED strip lights | From $10 at Amazon

Everyone knows that RGB gives you added gaming performance. OK it doesn't but some LED strips can certainly make your setup really pop and when they're this affordable you've got nothing to lose.

Daybetter has a variety of LED strips on offer, starting from $10 with a 16.4 foot kit that shows 16 different colors. The range tops out at a massive 65.6 foot kit that supports 16 million colors and has a companion smartphone app to control them. These ones can also sync with music and turn your room into your very own nightclub. Perfect for the 2020 way of life.

All kits have remote control and are self-adhesive, so applying them anywhere in your home and actually turning them on and off is a breeze. Some of the kits on offer can be trimmed and also merged with additional kits for longer light strips, and the only real limit here is your imagination.

Of course, it's not just gamers who enjoy some colorful accent lighting. These affordable strips can be used anywhere in the home to create some unique effects and atmosphere whether you're working or relaxing.

Check out the full sale to find the right kit for you.

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