Google Play Music for iPhone integrates Songza in Material Design update

Google Play Music today not only looks better thanks to an incoming update to Material Design, it's about to sound better, too. Google has announced that it's adding in curation from Songza, which it acquired earlier this year. Songza's claim to fame has been its wealth of curation, which offers up playlists based on activities — from "ballroom dancing" to "getting lucky" to "yoga' — and moods — "aggressive," "earthy," "visceral" and the like — to custom fit what you're listening to.

When All Access subscribers open the updated Google Play Music app, Google says today in a blog post, they'll see that Songza integration and be asked if they want music for a particular time of day, mood or activity.

songza google play Music

You'll also find the Songza integration on the "Listen Now" page in the iPhone app for quick access to the "concierge" functionality that we've come to know and love. As the images here show, "It's Tuesday morning, play music for ..." is straight out of the Songza playbook, and it should prove to be a natural fit with Google Play Music.

The activity-based stations will be available for All Access subscribers in the U.S. and Canada on Android, iOS and on the web. The new "Listen Now" page will be available in all 45 countries that currently have Google Play Music.

Phil Nickinson

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