How to install an iPad in your car dashboard

Why would you want to install an iPad into your car dashboard? Maybe you're radio's LED is way too small, maybe you want to be the envy of all your friends and loved ones, maybe you just want to enjoy some multitouch entertainment on the go? Whatever your reason, this video is for you!

Doug Bernards (aka The Sound Man) goes through every step in order to turn a regular dashboard LED display into a megalithic iPad control station. It is incredible to watch and makes me ever so jealous.

Take a peek at this cool car mod after the break!

No doubt I lack the skills to undertake this transformation but those with a bit of technical skill could surely replicate this video. Things needed for the mod includes a McIntosh 6 channel amplifier MCC406M, and a special iPod dock which allows the digital signal to be pulled from the iPad and distributed to the BitOne via optical output it was placed in a Toyota Tacoma.

The final effect is phenomenal but I cant help but thinking this would be a thief's dream, without a cover or way to easily remove it. Any ideas for making it even better?

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