We saw the preview, but now it's for real -- GV Mobile + (2.0) for Jailbreak is available via Cydia via the ModMyI repo. Originally an App Store app before the Great Google Voice Rejection of '09, GV Mobile has thrived on Cydia, and the latest release shows no sign of slowing down. What's new?

First, it costs money. The developer has worked long and hard on GV Mobile + and since he can't rely on the App Store for income, he has to get the Jailbreak community to support him. If you like GV Mobile +, please do.

Second, it has a ton of updates:

  • Favorites
  • New tab system for Contacts, Favorites, Keypad
  • Landscape SMS
  • Call & Add Contact from SMS main view
  • International support for SMS (until Google blocks it)
  • Call, Text, & Add Contact from History
  • Voicemail transcriptions, new voicemail screen layout
  • Call, Text, & Add Contact from Voicemail
  • Local archiving of voicemail (doesn’t download every time)
  • Offline dialing (via dialing GV #)
  • Default Area code (for those that don’t need to dial the area code in you area)
  • More data sync options (Interval, Startup, Startup on demand, manual)
  • Multiple Accounts
  • User selectable tab to open to
  • More Google Settings : Do Not Disturb, Call Screening, Call Presentation
  • The core of the updates reside in the back end programming of the app - completely rebuilt from ground up.

[Thanks to @fvc625 and @feedseratonin for the tips!]