Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - 6 mistakes to avoid when starting out

No one expects you to be a pro right out of the gate and when you're first starting out in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, it's entirely possible to make a few mistakes. While no mistake is going to make the game unplayable, the team here at iMore have been playing the game and compiled a short list of some common mistakes you should avoid!

Always be brewing potions

Always be brewing a potion in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Once you reach level four in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you'll be able to brew potions which can help you defeat foes in Wizarding Challenges, prevent Foundables from disappearing when you try to catch them, heal your stamina when dueling Oddities, and even increase the amount of XP you receive.

Potions take hours to brew — the shortest time is two hours — and they are incredibly helpful so you should always be brewing potions. You can have four potions in your potion brewing queue at a time, and as soon as you finish one, you should start another one right away.

Don't forget to use Master Notes to shorten the amount of time it takes to brew potions!

Don't horde ingredients you don't need

This may seem counter-intuitive when I just told you how important potion brewing can be; however, some ingredients are just not going to help you especially when you're first starting out.

Which ingredients are worth saving in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Basically, you need to manage your inventory properly. If you collect too much of one ingredient, its really easy to fill up your vault with a bunch of ingredients you can actually use. Not only does that make brewing potions difficult, but it also means that if you happen to come across rare ingredients —like Butterscotch and Unicorn Hair —you won't be able to pick them up.

Focus on grabbing ingredients you know you can use, while still picking up some of the more rare ingredients along the way.

Don't waste your silver keys

Harry Potter Wizards Unite portkeys

Harry Potter Wizards Unite portkeys (Image credit: iMore)

Walking to open Portmanteaus is essential to finding certain Foundables and can even help you find rare ingredients. Not to mention using Portkeys offers a pretty significant amount XP.

You get one golden key at the beginning of the game, which you can use an unlimited amount of times, meaning once its done opening one Portmanteau, you can use it to open a new Portmanteau. Silver keys are mostly obtained through leveling up, but they disappear after one use, making them a valuable, but limited resource.

While it may be tempting to use all your silver keys to open as many Portmanteaus as possible, it really is a waste to use them on 2KM Portmanteaus. Use your golden keys to open the 2KM Portmanteaus and save your silver keys for 5KM, 7KM (only available during special events), or 10KM.

Don't use your high-level Runestones right away

Runestones are your passes to Wizarding Challenges found at Fortresses and they help determine how difficult the Wizarding Challenge you enter will be. The higher level Runestone, the stronger the foes.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Wizarding Challenge Tips & Tricks

Wizarding Challenges are excellent sources of XP —especially when you're new to the game — and you may find yourself wanting to use your high-level Runestones to increase the difficulty (and thus increase the rewards), but this is a mistake early on in the game. Using low-level Runestones on low-level chambers early on in the game will ensure that you gain the most XP without using too many resources.

If you jump the gun and up the difficulty too much on Wizarding Challenges early on, you may be able to beat them, but you're going to use a lot of potions and Spell Energy just to get it done. Save your resources and do some grinding with low-level Runestones when you're first starting out.

Prestige your Registry pages ASAP

Catching Foundables and placing their images in your Registry is a big part of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but once you finish a page of your Registry you're not done!

After you have completed a Registry page you'll be able to prestige that Registry page, which essentially restarts the page and requires you to search down the same items again with one notable difference. This time you'll need more fragments for each item in order to complete them all over again.

What does it mean to Prestige a Registry Page in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

When you prestige a Registry page it gives you the chance to actually use the Foundables fragments you find again, rather than just wasting Spell Energy for a mild amount of XP, so hit that prestige button!

Professors need the most Restricted books

At level six you can finally choose a profession (either Auror, Magizoologist, or Professor), and while there is no wrong choice, the Professor does have a weird quirk that the other professions don't have to deal with.

Which Profession should you pick in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Professors are great for solo players, they have decent power and good defense making them a little easier to complete Wizarding Challenges by themselves; however, they do need more Restricted books to level up their skills than the other two professions.

Restricted books are only available during special in-game events, so if you want to be a successful Professor, you'll need to take extra care to collect as many as you can when the special events are live!

More tips and tricks for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

There's a ton to unpack in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Whether you need help with Wizarding Challenges, brewing potions, or finding rare Foundables — we've got the perfect guide to help you!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Tips and tricks

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