Hello Neighbor for Nintendo Switch: Beginners guide

You now live across the street from a guy who is, quite frankly, creepy. He has a steely-eyed glare that terrifies you, he keeps setting traps outside his home, and there's something going on in that basement of his, Something that you feel you have a pretty good reason to go snooping into. Welcome to Hello Neighbor, the scariest stealth horror game about suburban living you've ever played.

Hello Neighbor functions in some ways Like other stealth horror games, but is also fairly hands off after its brief tutorial. You know you eventually want to break into this dude's basement, and there are a few clues as to how you might do it, but the process is largely up to you. Here are a few tips for getting started with Hello Neighbor on the Nintendo Switch.

What is Hello Neighbor?

Hello Neighbor is a game in which you play as a fellow who has reason to be suspicious of the gentleman across the street. You want to break into his house and access his basement, but the neighbor guards his house very carefully with traps, alarms, and general vigilance. You need to be clever and sneaky to work around him, get the keys you need, and break into his basement...and beyond.

How do you play?

In Hello Neighbor, you can move using basic controls, jump, sprint, and sneak. You can pick up objects and either use them as intended or throw them.

You'll want to observe your neighbor's movements and try to avoid them as you sneak into his house. If you hear a creepy noise and see the screen go dark, it means he's discovered you or is nearby, and you'll want to find a place to hide, such as in a closet. You can also run from him and escape to the safety of your house — he can't get you there.

As you explore his house, you'll want to try to unlock any doors you come across, use keys you find, or steal and use any suspicious objects you discover. You can also use the traps, trinkets, and objects he sets up against him, or to your own advantage. Be on the lookout for ladders and chairs he places, and carefully observe the rooms you enter so you don't accidentally set off one of his traps!

Master the throw

It helps to get good at throwing objects accurately early on. Practice in your own yard before you cross into his. You want to be accurate for the times later in the game when you have to throw things at the neighbor, and you'll also want to be able to throw items quickly.

Another good skill to practice is building stacks of items and climbing them. There are some boxes in your closet that you can work with in the early parts of the game, so get some practice in before you enter the danger zone.

Help, I'm having trouble sneaking in!

Hello Neighbor (Image credit: Nintendo)
  • Use items that make loud noises to distract the neighbor. If you place an item that makes noise near his front door or near where he is you can draw him to one area, then move to another area and sneak in.
  • Stack stuff! Stacking boxes/other items is a great way to get inside places you can't otherwise reach.
  • Look for keys. Much of Hello Neighbor becomes accessible as you collect keys, so know that's what you're usually on the lookout for. Keys are color-coded to locks, so keep an eye out for locks and try to recall which key goes with what so you don't waste time going after useless locks.
  • Break windows. It's fun, and also helpful.
  • The neighbor learns from what you do, so if you're trying the same thing over and over, he'll get wise to your act. Change up your routine if he starts figuring you out.

How much does it cost?

Hello Neighbor is out now on Nintendo Switch and costs $40.

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Any questions?

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