Here's how to check your 2022 Nintendo Switch year in review stats

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More people are getting into gaming each year and so as a whole, we're spending more time playing the best Nintendo Switch games available to us. But I always wonder just how much time I've actually put into a game. Thankfully, Nintendo has just made it possible for anyone with a Nintendo Account to view their Switch stats for this year.

Seeing just how many hours total I spent on specific Switch games makes me cringe a little but also fills me with pride. Curious to see what your end-of-the-year Switch stats are? Here's how to look them up.

How to view your Nintendo Switch Year in Review stats

Alright, enough chatter. Here's how you can see your own Switch year in review stats. You might be surprised which were the best Nintendo Switch games on your list.

  1. To start, go to:
  2. If you aren't signed into your Nintendo account, you'll be asked to login now.
  3. Now click Get Started
  4. Scroll down to see your various stats. 

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There you have it. Now you can check out your own Nintendo Switch gaming history for 2022. Use those handy links to share your stats with your fellow Switch friends. It's definitely interesting to compare and see how similarly or how differently you all played this year.

My personal end of year Switch stats

Nintendo Switch gaming trends 2022

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This year's Nintendo Switch year-in-review 2022 information feels very clunky and limited compared to what Nintendo has done in past years. While you can see what your most played game of the year is and what game you played most each month, there doesn't seem to be a place that easily shows you how many hours you played total for the year. 

However, there is a new chart called Gaming Trends that shows what category of games you tend to play. I wasn't surprised at all to find that Role-Playing was my biggest category of 2022 by far. 

Since 2022's Nintendo Switch year-in-review format feels somewhat lacking, I figured I'd keep some of the information and pictures from last year here as a comparison. Additionally, if you want help seeing how much time you spent on specific titles, check out our guide on how to check hours played on Nintendo Switch games

Story from last year:

Last year's gaming trends

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It's always surprising for me to see my end-of-the-year Nintendo Switch stats. As with last year, this year forced me to stay inside more than usual, and I definitely spent a large chunk of the year working on Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides so my stats are a lot higher than some other players in 2021. But I definitely didn't play Animal Crossing as much as I did last year.

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According to Nintendo's year in review, I've spent over 726 hours playing 49 different Switch games in 2021. And apparently I played my Switch the most in November. That's not surprising since that's when Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl released, though.

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