It's a rare occurrence to see Apple products drop in price significantly (though the 10.2-inch iPad is wildly cheap this year), so even a small discount is a big deal. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we're seeing an average of $10 off the 4K model for the 32GB storage capacity. There's one place where the discount is bigger, but your "cash back" is in the form of an Apple Store gift card.

Best Buy (Save $10)

The standard deal this Black Friday is $10 off and Best Buy is still selling the 32GB model at this discount.

If you don't already have an Apple Music subscription this Black Friday deal also includes a three-month subscription (new subscribers only), so you're getting a $30 discount on an additional service at the same time.

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When you buy the Apple TV 4K from Best Buy, you also get that one-year subscription to TV+, which is another discount of $60 off an additional service.

If you take into account the $30 discount on Apple Music and the $60 discount on TV+, on top of the $10 off the price of the box, you're looking at a pretty great deal.

Apple TV 4k

Apple TV 4K makes it possible to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in bright, beautiful 4K and Best Buy's additional service bundle makes this an excellent deal.

Walmart (Save $10)

Walmart's Black Friday sale on Apple TV 4K is also a $10 discount right off the top. The sale isn't quite as good as Best Buy's, it doesn't come with a three-month Apple Music subscription, but it does include that one-year of TV+, which is a $60 discount.

If $169 is still a bit heavy on your pocketbook, Walmart partners with Affirm to offer a payment plan of $17 per month, so you can spread out the price across a whole year. You'll be paying interest on this loan, however, so that small price cut is lost.

Apple TV 4K

For $10 off and one-year of TV+, this is a great discount for anyone that already has an Apple Music subscription. Plus, if you don't want to pay it all upfront, you can finance your Apple TV 4K for as low as $17 per month.

Apple Store (get a $25 gift card)

Apple's in-store and online Black Friday sale is, in my opinion, the best overall deal, because it is good for the 32GB and 64GB Apple TV 4K models. There are a couple of caveats to this deal, however.

The price of the box is not discounted. You'll pay full price for the Apple TV 4K, but Apple's Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount comes with a $25 Apple Store gift card, which makes the starting price lower than any other sale, but you have to spend that $25 discount at Apple. You'll need an HDMI cable, however, so you could put that $25 toward a new cable.

You can get an additional 3% "off," but you'll need an Apple Card for this cashback reward.

Of course, a purchase of the Apple TV 4K comes with a one-year subscription to TV+, which is a $60 discount on Apple's TV streaming service.

Apple TV 4K

If you're already entrenched in the Apple ecosystem and have an Apple Card, this is the best deal you can get on the Apple TV 4K.

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