How to add a new user to your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has made it ridiculously easy to go from taking the Switch out of the box to playing a game in very little time, but what happens when you aren't the only person around who will be using that shiny new console? The answer is to make sure everyone has a separate account on the Switch. This ensures no one is messing with your game saves, and everyone can manage an individual list of friends to share experiences with.

How do you set up new accounts on your Switch? Glad you asked! Everything you need to know is here in our guide.

  1. Head to Settings in the bottom menu of your Switch Home Screen

  1. Navigate down to Users and select Add User

  1. Select More Options to make your own avatar

  1. Select Character from the creation screen

  1. Navigate to the character or Mii you want to use for your avatar and select it

  1. Select Background and choose your favorite option from the palette

  1. Use the keyboard to choose a name for your account

  1. Confirm the avatar is set up the way you want and select OK

  1. Choose between adding a Nintendo Online account to your new account or select Later

Success! You've added a new account to your console. Your Switch allows for many accounts to exist on a single Switch, and each can be configured as online accounts or added to the Switch Parental Controls for usage monitoring. Perhaps most important, these accounts will make is possible for multiple people to play the same game without interfering with each other's game saves. Enjoy!

Russell Holly

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