How to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription

So you've tried Amazon Music Unlimited, and while it's great for getting almost any song through your Echo, in the end, the service just isn't for you. Fortunately, canceling your subscription is fairly straightforward.

Here's how you cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

How to cancel Amazon Music Unlimited subscription

To cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, you're going to need to head to Amazon on the web.

  1. Open Safari or the web browser of your choice from your dock or Applications folder.
  2. Head to

  1. Hover your cursor over Account & Lists.
  2. Click Your Music Subscriptions.

  1. Click Cancel subscription.
  2. Click Confirm cancellation.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to cancel an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. While you can cancel your subscription in the mobile app on an Android device, currently, you cannot do so on your iPhone.


If you have any other questions about canceling your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, let us know in the comments.

Joseph Keller

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