Tips to casting Masterful spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hogsmeade 7 hero
Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hogsmeade 7 hero (Image credit: iMore)

Expelliarmus! Now that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is out, everyone can be a witch or wizard, and cast powerful spells with a flick of the finger. You'll need to have great spellcasting abilities if you want to get rid of those evil Calamity forces and other Confoundables.

The key to overpowering Confoundables and returning Foundables before they get away is to cast Masterful spells. Masterful casts increase your odds of success and also net you 100 wizarding XP on top of everything else (Good and Great also get you experience bonuses, but Fair does not). However, be warned that just because you were able to cast a spell Masterfully, it does not guarantee that you'll overpower or defeat the Confoundable—a Masterful cast only means that you increase your chances of being successful. Still, it is never 100 percent. This is the same with Excellent throws in Pokémon Go, one of Niantic's other AR games.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Masterful Cast

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Masterful Cast (Image credit: iMore)

It is a bit tricky to cast Masterful spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but there are a few tricks behind it. If you want to get more Masterful casts, make sure you practice!

Here are some tips for casting Masterful spells:

1. Speed is slightly more important than accuracy. While both are important in getting a better cast, the game seems to prioritize speed over accuracy. So don't waste time by trying to trace the glyph perfectly. If you're fast and your spell is pretty close to the formation, then it's more likely to be a Great or Masterful cast.

2. Accuracy is still essential. While speed seems to be prioritized over accuracy, you'll still want to be precise when it comes to those spell casts. If your glyph is too different, then you may end up with something like "Spell Incomplete" or the slider will drop down a level, thus wasting time and spell energy. Try to be precise when tracing those spell glyphs, but also quick.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Severe Encounter

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Severe Encounter (Image credit: iMore)

3. As you progress in the game, stronger spells may require more accuracy over speed. We just stated that speed is more important than accuracy, yes, but this could just be at the beginning of the game. As you encounter stronger Confoundables that require stronger spells to overpower, the priority seems to be switched around. So once you get a few levels in, or start to find more tough foes, try being more accurate than fast.

4. Always start your glyph on the starting point. You'll notice that each time you need to cast a spell, there's a starting point on the glyph for you. You should always make sure that you start where the blue glowing dot is, otherwise it will be an "incomplete" spell and not count, thus wasting precious time. As far as the end of the glyph goes, as long as it is in the same direction, it should count.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Good Cast

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Good Cast (Image credit: iMore)

5. Practice makes perfect! There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to making Masterful casts in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The best way to get those Masterful casts is to keep practicing!

Straight line tracing trick!

There's a handy little trick that can help you trace straight lines in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and with a bit of practice, some spells will be super easy to attain a Masterful cast! It takes two fingers to accomplish properly, and we've had the most success using two hands.

  1. Tap and hold starting point of the Glyph.
  2. Tap and hold the first point.
  3. Release the starting point.
  4. Tap and hold the second corner.
  5. Release the first corner.

Continue this until you have traced all the lines, and you will have perfectly straight line! Remember, while accuracy is important while tracing spells, so is speed, so this method may take you some practice to nail down.

Of course, this trick only really works with spells that use a lot of straight lines meaning the best spells to employ this method are: Arresto Momentum, Bombarda, Diffindo, and Finite. I've also had some luck tracing Incendio this way, but its a little more hit and miss.

More great tips and tricks for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Don't just stop as Masterful casts, learn all the tips and tricks in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, so you can be the best wizards or witch you can be!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Tips and tricks

Any tips and tricks of your own?

I'm still trying to master those Masterful casts myself, and I've been playing all day. Do you have any tips or tricks you want to share for getting that Masterful cast? Let us know in the comments!

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