How to check if your Facebook info was accessed by Cambridge Analytica

Perhaps you've heard something over the last few weeks regarding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. I suggest reading through Derek's full explanation talking about exactly what went down, but essentially, millions of users had their personal information extensively shared with the research firm in an obtrusive, yet legal, manner.

Facebook last reported that up to 87 million of its users in the United States were affected by the issue, and as you'd probably guess, a lot of folks want to know whether or not they're included in that number.

Thankfully, checking is now as easy as can be.

iOS App

If you're already on your mobile device, you can follow this link and log in, and Facebook will let you know if your data has been shared. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Facebook app and go tap the menu button on the bottom right.
  2. Scroll down until you see Help and Support.
  3. Tap it.

  1. At the top of the Help page, search Cambridge.
  2. Select the option titled "How can I tell if my information was shared with Cambridge Analytica?"
  3. After tapping on this, you'll see a card letting you know whether or not your data was accessed.


If you're accessing Facebook from your computer, the process is mostly the same.

  1. From the Facebook homepage, search for Help Center.
  2. Click on the Help Center link.
  3. Type in Cambridge.
  4. Select "How can I tell if my information was shared with Cambridge Analytica?"


Did you have any trouble with this process? Put any questions you have in the comments below and we'll do our best to help you out.

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  • I would worry more about the Obama campaign in 2012 that received all Facebook data, and bragged about it. What is that organization doing with your data now?
  • Or all the other data they captured. If you really care about your Facebook info being accessed, then you would #deletefacebook
  • I wish the tech media would stop participating in this politically motivated hysteria. Yes, Facebook is evil... they have been for a long, long time. Everyone and their brother has the data, including, as you say, the DNC (and yes, they bragged about having it, while the Republicans lost out by not getting it before FB closed off easy access to the whole databank). Who really hates Facebook is the MSM, because they are threat to them getting all the politicians' money. Facebook was enjoying being in the limelight over all the Russian baloney, as it seemed many of the politicians were actually believing FB could be that effective (it's baloney, BTW). But, the MSM couldn't have FB take away a bunch of their $ in the next election, so they need to be brought down, hence the 24/7 hysteria over something rather irrelevant. Plus, since it can be connected to the Trump-hysteria, it might even help sway the next election. Two-fer.
  • Where did you get this analysis that not right wing media is worried about Facebook? Alex Jones? When I read stuff like this, it reads like a deflection and an excuse for getting caught. And they clearly got caught.
  • Hi. I deleted my Facebook page a number of months back. I still want to check and see if my info was accessed by Cambridge. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  • Who cares? All your data is accessed by thousands of people.
    Just, if you really care that your stuff gets deleted, there is a *very* specific procedure you have to follow, and you have to not check on it, or the delete gets canceled. Did I mention... evil?
  • Biased much? How do I check to see if Obama got my data in 2012? Or even worse, Clinton in 2016?
  • You can probably assume yes. If you're signed up to Facebook, who knows who has your data aside from Facebook themselves
  • Wondering if your private information is being traded amongst your corporate overlords? Here’s a simple way to check: YES.
  • That's the be all and end all of it. Cambridge Analytica is a drop in the ocean
  • Did Obama use data from Facebook? I suppose so. Mostly, he used data that was given to him by volunteers to help organize telephone calls in various districts, get new members, and organize Get Out the Vote efforts. He didn't have much of an operation on Facebook, which wasn't as sophisticated. He didn't have any unfriendly foreign help with messaging, though. His ads? Mostly national ads, put together by PACs. The most stunning was the recording of Romney telling an audience of fat cats what he would do for them, taken by one of the workers at a banquet. But keep on trying to make yourselves think that what Obama and Trump did campaign was JUST the SAME. It might make you sleep easier.
  • The real question is why anyone would be so dismissive of their own privacy that they would give personal information to a company like Facebook. Once you open that door, whatever happens to you is your own doing.