Apple Watch seres 5 phone call

Need to quickly let someone know you're running late for a meeting, or place a quick call? The Apple Watch enables you to stay in touch with those most important to you without reaching for your iPhone.

However you want to use your Apple Watch to communicate, here's everything you need to know!

How to manage phone calls and voicemails with Apple Watch

Apple Watch transfer calls

Even when your iPhone isn't within reach, you can get an urgent call with your Apple Watch. Once your handset is closer, you can quickly transfer the call in just a tap. Did you get a voicemail? No problem! You can listen to those on your Apple Watch as well. No matter who you need to contact, your Apple Watch has you covered.

How to manage messages and emails with Apple Watch

watchOS emoji

The Apple Watch is a great way to send messages without ever touching your iPhone. Not only can you read messages and regular texts with your wearable device, but you can respond to them too. You can dictate a message to Siri, send an audio message, or choose from many different animated emoji. If you want to keep up with email, you can read emails in their entirety with the Mail app. If an email is urgent and requires a quick response, you can even transfer it directly to your iPhone with just a swipe!


Do you have any concerns about performing communication on Apple Watch? Do you have questions about Apple's wearable device in general? Leave your comments below.

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