With the U.S. and U.K. joining Australia and New Zealand in the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, wizards all across the world can now help to stop The Calamity. One of the most important parts of the game is finding Foundables and defeating the Confoundable that protects it.

Battles are a lot of fun in Wizards Unite, especially if you use the Augmented Reality view to really bring the Wizarding World to life. Here is a quick guide to explain how to fight and what you need to do to be successful.

Battling a Confoundable

Battles always start one of two ways; you either tap on a Trace that appears on the world map, or you go to a Fortress and fight monsters. For now, we will concentrate on the easiest, and most common: finding Traces.

On the World Map, you will see Points of Interest like Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses, but you will also see small floating discs with different symbols. Each disc is called a Trace and houses a Foundable that you need to save. Once you tap on the Trace you will open the combat screen and will join in your first battle.

Once you start the battle you will be shown what the Foundable is and what the Confoundable is doing to stop you from getting it. It's a fun little animation and you'll find things you know from the books and movies in all the battles. If you are confused by all the different names then check out our handy guide to Wizard Unite terms.

The threat meter describes how likely the Foundable is to expose the Wizarding World to the Muggles, but really it tells you, the player, how hard it will be defeat. The lower the threat, the easier it will be for you to collect the foundable.

Once you have that out of the way, you'll have to search for the Foundable. To do that, simply move your phone around until you can line up the stars you see on screen over the Foundable. They should turn blue and once you tap on them you will start the battle in earnest!

The next screen you see will show you a glowing blue symbol in the middle called the Spell Rune. This is how you defeat the Confoundable, by tracing the rune in the direction of the arrow with your finger. The faster and more accurately you do it, the better, as that increases the strength of the spell and the likelihood that you'll win the battle.

Now you will likely have the Confoundable resist your attack. Don't be discouraged; like Pokémon GO, you can try multiple times to defeat your enemy as long have you have the spell energy to do it. Spell energy appears in the bottom left of your battle screen and will be used up as you battle. Think of spell energy like Pokéballs — you have a finite amount of it and you can refill that energy at Inns around the map.

Be aware that the Confoundables can also escape the battle! This happens fairly often and it means you have missed your chance to capture that Foundable. Don't worry because Traces appear far more frequently than Pokémon!

You won!

Now that you have succeeded in defeating that awful Confoundable you are free to add your Foundable to your Registry. This is essentially your Pokédex and lets you track all the different Foundables in the game. It also houses other cool stuff you find too, but that's for a different time.

Right now, once you defeat the Confoundable and place your Foundable in the registry you will be rewarded with tokens that match the Foundable — Magical Beast, Dark Magic, and Curiosities — that help you level up your Profession later on in the game.

Now all that is left is for you to repeat the cycle for all the Traces you can find and become the greatest wizard the world has ever seen!

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