How to Defeat Fortresses in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Have you already run across the massive towers known as Fortresses inside of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Don't get overwhelmed, it's easy to take them on even if you are playing all by yourself. Completing a fortress run is also how you complete Wizarding Challlenges which are one of the daily challenges, and where you'll find new items for your registry.

How to prepare for a Fortress


Fortresses are the giant towers dotted across the world in Wizards Unite, and they're a location built for combat. Ideally before you take one on, you'll find a few friends that don't share your profession to take them on. However if you're in a rural area without other players, or you just don't want to wait for your friends you can take them on alone. It just requires a bit of preparation in advance.

To begin with, you'll want to have a few potions on hand. The most important potions to have when taking on a fortress by yourself are health potions. These ensure that, if you encounter an enemy that is far more powerful than you, you'll be able to heal yourself instead of getting knocked out. Having at least 3-5 health potions per-challenge is a good call, and if you can brew a Strong health potion, that's even better. Having a few Invigoration Draughts on hand to boost your focus for casting preliminary skills is also handy, but isn't as necessary until you get to higher level chambers inside a Fortress.

Next you'll want to ensure that you have enough Spell Energy to take on anything the fortress can throw at you. If you're low on Spell Energy, try hitting a few inns on your way over. In some cases, there may be one or more inns near a fortress that offer up turkey dinners, which are the best ways to refill your spell energy on the fly. Having at least 15-30 spell energy per-challenge is your best call. The higher the chamber level you plan on tackling, the more Spell Energy you will need to succeed. For a level 1 chamber, having 15 energy may do the trick but by level 3 you'll definitely need at least 20 in order to deal with multiple enemies that are more powerful than you.

Once you've picked a profession, make sure to use those special spells you have unlocked. Each profession in Harry Potter: WIzard's Unite has their own skill tree which offers up a variety of different boosts. As you progress through your skill tree you'll unlock specific spells that can help you to take on enemies. Profession spells are cast before you jump into combat, and require focus to be used. You start out with a small amount of focus, and the only way to get more is upgrading your abilities via the profession skill tree. Again, this is only really necessary if you plan on tackling chambers that are level 4 or higher, since the lower chamber levels aren't as difficult and can be won using the regular combat spells.

To use a profession spell against an enemy, before you start the battle drag your spell from your profession skills container to the enemy you're going to battle.

You can also level up your skills by progressing through your profession tree. Depending on which profession you have chosen, you'll have access to different boosts to your attributes which can be particularly handy. These include upgrading your Protego power to be better effective at defending from attacks, boost your critical power, and more. This is also how you get more focus, allowing you to cast specific spells before you jump into combat in a Fortress.

How to defeat Fortresses in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

  1. Tap on a Fortress to enter it.
  2. Tap on the chamber you want to enter.
  3. Choose a Runestone to begin the Wizarding Challenge inside the chamber.

Tap on a Fortress, Tap on the Chamber, Choose a Runestone.

  1. Wait for the Ruins Chamber to open.
  2. Tap on the enemy avatar.
  3. Tap Start.
  4. Hover your wand over the star reticule and wait for it to fill.

Wait for ruins chamber to open, Tap on the enemy avatar, tap start, hover your wand over the star reticule.

  1. Complete the offensive spell shown on the screen to attack.
  2. Complete defensive spells shwon on the screen to defend yourself.
  3. Continue this until you kill your opponent.
  4. Collect the spoils of your victory.

Complete offensive spells to attack your enemy, complete defensive spells to defend yourself, continue this until you kill the enemy, collect the spoils of your victory

For more details about beating enemies in fortresses, see hour guide to completing challenges.

How to complete Wizarding Challenges in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Each room of a Fortress ramps up in difficulty. While a level II Chamber only has a difficult of 71, it ramps all the way up to over 150 for a level III Chamber. In order to complete each Chamber in a Fortress you'll need to go room by room completing each one in order. Once you have completed a chamber you can replay it, but you don't have to. It will remain unlocked for you. Higher level chambers do require you to be of a certain level, although it seems like it tops out at level 10.

Along with bringing friends to help you take on a Fortress, you can also take advantage of specific abilities or potions you have access to. Different professions have perks in the skill tree which can help you out, or allow you to help your team mates. These are options like better defense, and stamina, or healing team members when they need a hand. Likewise you'll want to have a few potions in your pocket. Namely healing potions which will ensure you don't get KO'd when taking on particularly powerful enemies.

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