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Best answer: To make sure you get your AirPods Max as soon as you can is to order your pair directly through Apple.

  • Over-the-ear AirPods with ANC: AirPods Max (From $549 at Apple)

Straight from the source

I recommend going directly through as the best way to buy the new AirPods Max.

Not only is does getting straight from the source ensure you have access to the most stock, but it also makes it super easy to buy AppleCare+ and any accessories you might want along with your new headphones.

If you want to be extra cautious, and try to get the earliest shipping date possible, try opening up the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad as well as having a browser open on up and ready when you order. Sometimes with the influx of people trying to get a new project at launch, the website or app could have some technical issues. If you have both open, it makes it easy to switch from one method to another if something goes awry.

How much is the AirPods Max?

Apple is choosing to let the AirPods Max compete directly with the best noise-canceling headphones on the market, meaning they aren't the most affordable pair of headphones.

The AirPods Max will cost you $549, and if you want to add AppleCare+, that will run you an additional $59 at the checkout.

Most reliable

Apple Airpods Max With Iphone

AirPods Max

Go to Apple.

If you want to be sure to get your pair of AirPods Max right away, ordering directly from Apple is your best bet. The sooner you order yours through the Apple website or Appel Store app, the fastest shipping date you will get. Hurry and order now if you don't want to wait for a second more!

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