PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG console: What's the difference?

I've been playing PUBG with my boyfriend and his brothers on Xbox for the past couple of months (and I'm super addicted), so of course I freaked out when I saw the mobile version.

But that got my brain a-thinkin': what're the big differences between PUBG mobile and PUBG for console?

Here are a number of ways PUBG is different while playing on mobile vs. playing your Xbox.

Bots, bots, and more bots

Have you ever played a new game, got a couple of kills right off the hop, and felt like a total badass? Maybe you've been hesitant about a game because of its difficulty, but once you play a few rounds and headshotted a couple of dudes, you're suddenly hooked?

It's because of reasons like this that some have speculated bots are aplenty in early gameplay of PUBG on mobile.

One major difference from the other versions is the presence of bots, apparently designed to help new players get to grips with the game. As you level up, the ratio of real players to bots increases, and it's easy to tell the difference — the bots are pretty dumb and don't put up much of a fight. This might be disappointing to hear for anyone who plays for the first time and is amazed by their own latent skill level, but it's a clever way to ensure people have a good experience when they first play PUBG. The Verge

When you're playing on your console, you won't have to worry about bots invading your battle royale experience, but playing on mobile might mean you get a couple of easy kills while you're still a relatively low level.

Auto best-weapon pick-up powers activate

If I had a dollar for every time I was playing PUBG on Xbox, landed on a roof with another dude, only to scramble to pick up the crappiest possible gun by accident (when there's clearly someone better 2 inches away), then I'd be a billionaire.

With PUBG mobile, one feature I really like is the automatic ability to pick up the better weapon. By that I mean if you approach a pile of weapons on the battlefield, your character will automatically pick up the better gun.

The only time this gets annoying is when you have two of the same type of gun and want to get rid of it for something different, like a pistol or a crossbow (for variety's sake, y'know?) and your character keeps automatically grabbing the better weapon every time you drop it for the crappier one, forcing you to run a distance to ditch the old and come back for the new.


What does Kim Kardashian's mobile game and PUBG Mobile have in common? The fact that you can buy clothes and dress up your avatar with different accessories, outfits, shoes, parachutes, and so, so much more!

These outfits can be unlocked by buying crates with in-game currency in order to get certain items.

Unlike games similar to the Kardashians, though, PUBG Mobile doesn't allow you to actually make IAP with your hard-earned coin: you can't spend $5 in real life to get 5,000 gold coins so you can buy that gas mask you've always wanted.

PUBG Mobile currently lacks any form of monetization, so you can't buy BP with real money, but this should change in the near future as the game becomes more widely available across the globe. (Tom's Guide)

PUBG mobile also shows you all the clothing and accessory options available and lets you try them on to see how kick-ass your avatar looks (with or without pants).

Daily rewards for playin' on the reg

Maybe you've played a mobile game a couple of times and your interest is now fading fast: PUBG mobile entices players into playing every single day with daily rewards every time you log in, so you're more and more willing to join the battle royale daily.

Whether you're someone who's a serious gamer or someone who's playing casually, getting free items and coins is always a super big bonus, and PUBG mobile gives you that little reward every time you log in at the beginning of each day.

When you're playing on console, you don't get free coins or daily presents: you just get the cold, harsh reality of placing second after TOTALLY SHOOTING THAT GUY LIKE 50 TIMES COME ON.

Level up up up

Levels and ranks are non-existent in console PUBG gaming, while levelling up on mobile helps you in a number of different ways.

At various thresholds, you unlock a free loot crate. EXP is earned the same way, and it unlocks permanent account features, such as special avatar icons, and goes toward increasing your account level. (Tom's Guide)

Leveling up helps you do things like join a group chat (level 5), while on console you don't need to be any particular rank to unlock features like this. They're already available for every player.

While certain popular console games like Overwatch and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege focus on competitive gaming and ranks, PUBG has never made that a priority, but the mobile version is a wee bit different.

What are the big differences you've noticed while playing PUBG on mobile?

Is there a particular feature that you've noticed in PUBG mobile that doesn't exist on console that I might have missed on this list? Do you think PUBG mobile is too easy compared to console or even PC versions?

Let me know what your PUBG playing has revealed in the comments down below!

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