How to set a sleep timer for Beats 1 and Apple Music

If you like to listen to music while falling asleep, both Beats 1 and Apple Music can be really attractive options. With Beats 1 you get an old-fashioned radio experience wrapped up in all the latest technology, and with Apple Music you get access to all the songs the online library and your own collection can provide. But how do you stop the music when you've fallen asleep and there's no one left to listen? Luckily, the iPhone and iPad have a sleep timer built right in!

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How to set a sleep timer on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Once you have the music you want playing, you can follow these steps to ensure it stops playing after a set amount of time.

  1. Launch the Clock app from your Home screen.
  2. Tap the Timer tab.
  3. Using the picker, set the amount of time you want to let the music play.
  4. Tap When Timer Ends. Launch the Clock app, tap Timer, select the time you want, and then tap when timer ends.

  5. Tap Stop Playing. You'll have to scroll down to the bottom.

  6. Tap Set at the top right.
  7. Tap Start to begin the timer. Tap Stop Playing, tap set, and then tap Start.

When the timer ends, so will your music, and hopefully, your sleep will have blissfully begun.

Updated August 2019: Updated for iOS 13

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