How to shoot video on a Nikon D3400

Recording and shooting with your Nikon D3400 is a lot easier than you think: there are just a couple of straightforward steps to follow in order to get you started.

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How to shoot video on a Nikon D3400

  1. Turn on your Nikon D3400.
  2. Turn on live view by pressing the LV button on the back of the camera
  3. Press the red record button on the top of the camera to start recording
  4. Press the red record button again to stop.

Now you can easily capture and record video with your Nikon D3400.

Tips and tricks

There are plenty of different tips and tricks you can use to shoot some stellar video with your Nikon D3400. Before you start shooting, be sure to check your settings and your exposure so that the image isn't too bright or too dark.

If you're going to be shooting in a quieter setting where you need things to be nearly silent, you can go into the settings panel and turn off the recording noise that indicates you've hit the button. This will keep things nice and quiet while you're shooting.

If you've just started shooting DSLR for the first time, autofocus is your friend! This feature helps you capture clear and concise images without scrambling to see if they're blurry or not. If you're more of a pro, go for manual focus (but be sure to zoom wayyyyyy in on your subject before focusing!)

Our top equipment picks

Having an accessory or two while your shooting with your Nikon D3400 can make things go a bit smoother, but shooting with the camera itself is also pretty simple.

Whether you're looking to shoot a school project, need a new video device for an upcoming event, or are just in the market for a reliable video-making tool, the Nikon D3400 is a consistently awesome DSLR camera to consider. With wi-fi functionality, dozens of lens options to shop through, and a reasonable price tag, there are so many different reasons to check out this particular camera.

Additional Equipment

If you're looking to shoot some really smooth and stellar footage, then your DSLR might need a little bit of assistance...

YELANGU Pro Version Video Stabilizer ($50 at Amazon)

Stabilize and secure your Nikon D4300 video footage with some help from the YELANGU Pro Version Video Stabilizer, a device that'll keep your camera perfectly balanced and your final product seamless and smooth.

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