HomeKit Router splash screen displayed on an iPhoneSource: Christopher Close / iMore

HomeKit Secure Routers are finally here! The latest and greatest HomeKit feature allows you to take control of how your HomeKit accessories access the internet and each other. By default, HomeKit Secure Router support will restrict all of your accessories to only approved internet services and devices. Still, if you want to lock it all down, you can restrict everything to just your home, keeping you and your home private.

How to upgrade your Eero router to a HomeKit Secure Router

  1. Launch the eero app (version 3.1.0 or later).
  2. Tap on Discover located on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Tap on Apple HomeKit.

    Launch Eero app, tap Discover, Tap Apple HomeKitSource: iMore

  4. Tap Set up HomeKit.
  5. Tap OK to allow Eero access to your HomeKit home.
  6. Tap Add to Home.

    Tap Set Up HomeKit, Tap OK, Tap Add to HomeSource: iMore

  7. Tap Turn on Accessory Security to enable the default (Auto) network restrictions.
    • You can fine-tune accessory restriction levels by tapping More Options. More on that below.
  8. Assign a room by tapping on Default Room for each Eero in your home. Then tap next.
  9. Tap Done after you have assigned a room for the last Eero in your home.

    Tap Turn on Accessory Security, assign a room, tap DoneSource: iMore

That is all there is to it! Now, depending on your settings, you can live comfortably knowing that your HomeKit accessories are only accessing approved internet services or just your HomeKit hub. Here's the breakdown of all of the settings and how they work:

  • Restrict to Home: Only allow connections to your home hub. This may block firmware updates or other services.
  • Automatic: Allow connections with an automatically-updated list of manufacturer-approved internet services and local devices.
  • No Restriction: Allow connections with any internet service or local device. This provides the lowest level of security.

Want to change things up after setting up the HomeKit Secure Router feature? Don't worry, it is pretty painless, and it involves just a few taps over in the Home app. Check out our handy guide to get started with fine-tuning things.

Awesome accessories

Eero routers are simply some of the best around, and now, thanks to HomeKit Secure Router support, they are even better. Need to add a little additional coverage for that one troublesome corner in your home? You can with just a few taps and the right gear. Here are some of our favorite accessories that can help your cause.

Eero Beacon

Eero Beacon ($149 at Amazon)

If you need a little extra wireless coverage for your home, then adding an Eero Beacon is the way to go. Simply plug one of these in, set it up within the Eero app, and you are ready to go.

Hibezos Wall Mount Holder For eero

Hibezos Wall Mount Holder for Eero ($14 at Amazon)

Have a set of the latest generation Eero routers and wish you had one of those fancy plug-in beacons? You can with this neat little mount that hides the wires and attaches your router to a standard outlet.

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