With watchOS 2, you can now control all your HomeKit devices with the Apple Watch. Here's how you can go about doing that!

Here are the commands you can use with Siri and HomeKit

When you first set up HomeKit, you can use Siri to turn things on and off, and adjust them:

  • Turn accessories on
  • Turn accessories off
  • Adjust accessories

If you also set up homes, zones, rooms, or scenes, you can use Siri to do things like:

  • Turn accessories on or off in specific homes, zones, or rooms
  • Adjust accessories in specific homes, zones, or rooms
  • Set specific scenes

Using those guidelines, I've put together some common phrases you can use when controlling your rooms and zones with Siri.

"Turn on the lights"

This all-purpose command will turn on any HomeKit-enabled lights that you have in your home.

"Turn on Whitey lights"

This will turn on the HomeKit-enabled lights called "Whitey".

"Turn on the lights in the Space Shuttle"

This will turn the lights on in a specific room (The Space Shuttle).

"Set the Living Room lights to 65"

This will dim the living room lights (if possible) to 65%. Note: You have to say "Living Room lights", because if you just say "Living Room", Siri will get confused and think you're talking about a HomeKit thermostat or other numerically-controlled device. Likewise, say "Living Room thermostat" to change your thermostat function.

"Close the Space Shuttle blinds"

This will close your automated blinds.

"Turn off the Compound"

This will turn on every device in The Compound (my custom grouping of both the Space Shuttle and the Living Room).

Unfortunately, Siri still can't support full custom phrasing, like "Crash the Compound!" (sorry, Rene!).

Anything I missed?

Found a Siri command for the Apple Watch I haven't covered above? Mention it in the comments.