How to use motion controls in Doom for Nintendo Switch

When Bethesda released Doom for the Nintendo Switch, it was a miracle all on its own. Surely they used some sort of voodoo magic to squeeze a game like Doom onto such a petite console. It may not be a completely perfect port of the watershed shooter, but it's undeniably cool to play Doom on the go. As if its very existence on the Switch wasn't cool enough, Bethesda recently dropped an update for the game which adds motion control.

If you want to burn just a few more calories while you're taking out monsters, then you might want to consider utilizing the newly minted motion controls. Before you know it, you will be waving your arms around like a mad person as you take down the bad guys.

How to enable motion control for Doom

If you're ready to get into the motion game, it's totally easy to do. The first requirement is to ensure that you have the latest update installed. Just select Doom on your home screen, push the + button on your Switch and select Software Update. For motion control, you will need to be running version 1.1.1 or newer. If you are on an earlier version than that, then update to the newest.

  1. Launch Doom.
  2. Enter the menu and select Settings.
  3. Select Controller.
  4. Select Motion Aiming.

With this update, you can now target enemies by moving your right Joy-Con. If you have spent any time with Splatoon 2 or Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then you will be familiar with this functionality. It's a bit surprising that Doom didn't come out of the box with this feature. However, the point is that we have it now. Rejoice, and start waiving those arms around. Those creatures don't stand a chance.

Have you tried motion controls for Doom yet?

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Jaz Brown