How to use your Apple Watch with multiple iPhones

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Series 9 and Watch SE together
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If you desperately need to use your Apple Watch with multiple iPhones, Apple simply doesn't allow it — but there are some long-winded solutions to your dilemma.

Perhaps you use an iPhone for personal use, and another for work use — this could be because there are different Apple ID accounts for each phone, and it's a simpler solution to manage the two.

Yet this can't be said for using one Apple Watch for both of these at the same time. Apple's wearable can track your fitness, your notifications, and your health — and while you can switch between multiple Apple Watches on one iPhone, the opposite approach is simply impossible.

As of 2024, you simply need to wipe the Watch and re-pair it with the chosen iPhone in order to use it. So instead of owning multiple watches like Doc Brown from the Back to the Future film series, we've got a couple of solutions that, while slightly complicated, they'll at least get the job done.

Things to consider: Apple Watch data storage

Apple Watch stores up to 30 days' worth of data — this can include workouts, music, cellular usage history, and health data. Once it checks in with the iPhone it's paired to, this data is copied over, and the cycle of the Watch storing data starts again.

So if you have two iPhones and your Watch is connected to one of these, your fitness goals will be safe at least.

Yet this is a small win in the war of using multiple iPhones with one Apple Watch.

Option 1 - Using two Apple Watches

Apple Watch Series 9 Review

Apple Watch Series 8 (Image credit: Future)

This will be the simplest approach — but it could be the most expensive. If you already own an Apple Watch Series 9, but the design and features of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 also appeal to you, this could work out for you, so to speak.

This way, the exercises you do when wearing each of these Watches will still sync up to your personal account, and the Health app — as they will use the same Apple ID and iCloud accounts. As far as these Watches know, they are the only Watch that is being used with your personal iPhone.

Option 2 - Pairing and unpairing two Apple Watches

Apple Watch setup process - syncing stage

Unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone (Image credit: Future / Apple)

If you like pain, read on. 

This method lets you use your Apple Watch with multiple iPhones, but not in the way you probably want. If there comes a time when you need to use your Watch with another iPhone, you simply need to erase it, pair it with the iPhone you want to use it with, and then repeat when you need to use it with yet another iPhone.

It's as tedious as it sounds, and it's not something we recommend. Apple Watch backups, which store your watch faces, health data, installed apps, and more, can be temperamental. iCloud sometimes backs this data up, and sometimes it doesn't. So if you managed to complete a big marathon with this Watch, and you then decide to pair it with another iPhone, having that data transfer across may be 50/50. You don't need to use it with two iPhones to get the most out of your watch. There are plenty of Apple Watch tips and tricks you should know.

One More Thing... please don't do this

We'll say this right now — do not use more than one Apple Watch with multiple iPhones unless you thrive when having a headache.

Granted, it is strange that we can use multiple Apple Watches with one iPhone, but not the other way around. As it currently stands though, Apple hasn't introduced an easy method of using one Watch with a bunch of iPhones. It's simply too much wasted time to get it working, and you'll be spending at least an hour a day pairing and re-pairing certain Apple Watches to work with the desired iPhone.

For now, we recommend simply sticking with the one Apple Watch with one iPhone.

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