HP iStream App Streams Media from MediaSmart Home Servers to iPhone and iPod touch

The HP MediaSmart Server iStream app [Free - iTunes link (opens in new tab)] allows iPhone and iPod touch users to stream media from an EX485 or EX487 HP MediaSmart Home Server.

Supported media includes photos, music, and video (though HP says DRM'd video might not stream properly). Part of a much more impressive server package, Engadget has the details:

Dual Core processor, 2GB of RAM and up to four 2TB drives [...] The new EX490 and EX495 can handle up to 7TB of internal storage and up to 17TB pairing up internal drives with external hanger-ons. More interesting, however, are the new software capabilities built on top of Windows Home Server. Mac users now get admin features, media collection and bare metal recovery over Time Machine, and the servers have a built-in video converter for collecting and converting videos for a specific device.

They function as iTunes servers, with the Celeron bound EX490 starting at $549 for 1TB, the dual-core EX495 starting at $699 for 1.5TB.

By contrast, while Apple's own Time Capsule has been rumored to be getting iPhone streaming functionality, nothing has thus far appeared.

If you try out HP's streaming app, let us know how it works for you!

Rene Ritchie

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  • I have the HP MediaVault 2020 and use Orb to stream to my iPhone. It's not the best solution. Tversity would be an ideal solution but I'm not aware of an iPhone app.
  • I bought the EX485 a few weeks ago. The server is great, but the built-in software (which is third party) from TwonkyMedia leaves a bit to be desired. After fighting with it for quite a while, I finally gave up and started using Orb to stream media from the server. Twonky has a bug where if it hits a photo or mp3 that has weird character formatting, it will crash the service. I spent quite a bit of time talking with the HP MediaSmart team, and they acknowledge this issue and say there will be an update in a few weeks to resolve it.
    On the bright side, media streaming to my Xbox 360 and PS3 are great, and the automatic backup functions are wonderful. Since it's built on Windows Home Server, there are lots of cool plug-ins that can run in the background on the server. On top of the other capabilities of the EX485, I loaded iTunes 9 on it and I now have Home Sharing throughout my network.
  • @urprey
    Nice! However, PS3, Xbox, and iTunes home Sharing can all be done on standard networks. Unless you're talking about streaming on the net.
  • Of course it can, but having an always-on server tucked away in my media closet which automatically backs up all of the PCs on my network and feeds data everywhere is a value add for me. It definitely uses less power than my quad-core desktop, and so far it's been very stable.
    Let's be honest: this is still a computer even though WHS can run a few neat add-ons. For me, the beauty of it lies in the compact solution that automates a lot of tasks.
  • thanks for the info Urprey, really looking into getting something like this. Would really like it if it could also be a DVR with window media center Channel guide etc..
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  • have a built-in video converter for collecting and converting videos for a specific device.
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