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There's a Hue Light dimmer kit on Black Friday sale sale that I can't recommend enough for nerds who have to deal with normal humans in their lives.

See, the Hue Lights starter kit was my first step into the world of home automation. They look like regular light bulbs. They work like regular light bulbs. But they also do things no regular light bulb can do. You can control them with the Hue app, Apple's HomeKit, Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, like Muad'dib, like Belgarath, like an 18th-level mage — with the weirding way, the will and the word, the power of your voice.

Basically a free bulb

Philips Hue Smart Dimming Kit

Keeps your family from killing your smart bulbs

Tech folks love smart bulbs. We don't love our non-tech family and friends turning them off at the switch. But with the Hue Smart Dimmer Kit you can switch the switch and never have to flip anything back on — like an animal — again. Buy the dimmer for a few bucks off, essentially get a bonus bulb for free.

I started off just using them around the house so I could say "Hey, Siri, turn off the lights" without having to get out of bed when I'd inevitably forget that one light in that one back room. Then I started changing the colors for mood and ambiance. Eventually with the Hue Play TV accent lights. Trust me, if you haven't seen Star Wars light-matched by Tatooine Dawn or End Game is the coolest of blues, you haven't seen them the way they're meant to be seen.

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Then, I added some Hue motion sensors, so the lights would come on automagically in the bathrooms, kitchen, and utility rooms. Yeah, it was like living in a sci-fi movie. Now, I use them to light my YouTube set. I have a bunch of Hue bulbs on either side and I can set them to a classic orange and teal, to an angry red and purple, to a cool blue and green. Whatever suits the mood of the day.

But, I had a problem.

When friends or family visited, they would inevitably, invariably, use the old legacy light switches to hard kill my bulbs at the source and completely harshen my home automation mellow. Then, I'd go to the utility room to fetch something or walk into the bathroom later and the light wouldn't go on. I'd spend a long second wondering why — why my beautiful future had abandoned me — and then shake my damn head, sigh, and flip the switch back on. Yes, like an animal.

So, I got several of these Hue dimmer switches and I strategically placed them right next to the legacy switches. And, since they're slightly bigger and brighter, pretty much everyone now just hits the Hue switches instead of the old kill switches. Which means, the Hue lights keep working for me, nerd that I am, even as they better fit the mental model of the muggles who come visit.

Win. Win.

That's what I love about Hue lights. They're so easy to set up and use, they make the perfect starting point for anyone to get into HomeKit or Alexa or whatever. But, they're also flexible and sophisticated enough to grow with you and provide just the perfect look and mood for when you're on your own, with those you love, or in the middle of a full-on party.

Grab a dimmer or several if you don't have them already. They're 43% off right now. As for me, I'm adding a bunch of these new Hue filament lights to my cart. They aren't on sale but I simply must have them.

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