If there's one thing we can't get enough of in 2020 it's more content to stream. There's nothing like diving into a whole new catalog of TV shows and movies to discover something new, or maybe rewatch an old classic. Luckily, Hulu is offering the best streaming deal for Cyber Monday that you could ever ask for.

Hulu's base tier is usually $5.99 per month, but this year's Black Friday sale allows all new and eligible returning customers to sign up for just $1.99 monthly. The best news? You get to keep that low monthly price for the entire year! That means for 12 months of streaming, you're going to be paying less than $24 for all the content Hulu has to offer.

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Save big on streaming: Hulu | Save $50 over the course of the year

Hulu is dropping the price of its monthly subscription to just $1.99 per month for new and eligible returning subscribers this Cyber Monday!

$1.99/month at Hulu

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Hulu has a wide variety of content on its streaming platform that you can dive headfirst into watching the minute you sign up. You get TV shows like Family Guy, Law & Order: SVU, and Golden Girls, some newer films like Trolls World Tour, and plenty of Hulu Originals like Little Fires Everywhere, Veronica Mars, The Handmaid's Tale, and so much more.

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Hulu is available on almost every device imaginable. Most smart TVs and game consoles have Hulu apps, and of course, Android phones and iOS devices have Hulu apps that allow you to watch it wherever you want. You can even watch Hulu directly in a browser, so long as you have a computer, you can stream all the content you want.

This Cyber Monday deal is only available for Hulu's base plan and it ends on November 30. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stream a ton of content for a small fraction of the regular price. Plus, don't forget to check out the best Apple Cyber Monday deals happening right now, so you can get yourself a new MacBook or iPhone to watch all that Hulu content!

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