Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Tips & Tricks

Now that Hyrule Warriors has moved to Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy all the beauty of the original Wii-U game with a little extra for the Switch. The Definitive Edition for the Switch has improved on the graphics of the Wii-U version of the game as well as add-ons from the newest Legend of Zelda game for the Switch. In order to beat the game, you might need a few tips to complete the whole game. Here are a few things to know before you go into the game in order to complete it the best way possible.

Play the Legend Mode

If you play the Legend Mode, you can learn all about the different attacks that every character has. When you use different warriors in different areas of the story mode, you will be able to use these different abilities to take on enemies. Once you've gotten through the Legend Mode and you know how they each work, you can take on the Adventure mode while knowing exactly who to use in any situation.

Items Auto Collect

When going throughout the levels, enemies that you defeat will drop rupees, hearts, and weapons throughout the game. Instead of having to go through and pick up everything after you defeat enemies, the rupees and hearts will come to you so you don't have to run throughout the game and pick up everything. Just make sure you didn't miss anything that might not have been picked up, like potions or materials.

Select the Best Warrior

Hyrule-Warriors Nintendo Switch

Hyrule-Warriors Nintendo Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

Making sure you're playing with the best warrior in each situation is important when you go throughout the Legend mode or also in the Adventure mode. Each warrior has different aspects that they can add to each battle in order to win every challenge that comes your way. Make sure you know which character would be best in your current battles.

Craft Badges

Crafting badges is an important aspect in the game where you use certain items you've collected throughout the game in order to create badges. These badges can give your characters items such as weapons with certain attacks and water bottles that allow you to use potions in battles. Every item you make within the badge collection is usable within the game, so don't miss out on crafting your badges.

Use Training Dojo to Level Up

The Training Dojo is the way that you level up all of your warriors, especially the ones you haven't been battling with recently. Leveling up your warriors throughout the game is important when you continue to go throughout the game so that way you can take down bosses easier. However, you cannot level up your warrior or warriors that have the highest level and other warriors can only be leveled up to the same level as the highest leveled warrior.

Collect Gold Skulltulas

Gold Skulltulas show up throughout the game in this spider-web on the map in the corner of the game. You have to find out where they're hidden at in order to release them and gain the treasures that are hidden within each of them, like illustration pieces. Each treasure is unique, so they will give you different gifts throughout the game, which is another reason to get every single one.

What tips or tricks helped you most?

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Kennedy Maring