iDygest is just what it sounds like -- an app that will congregate all feeds Apple into one sleek timeline for you to browse through.  I know I have quite a few iRelated websites that I browse through everyday, I've even got an Apple group in Google Reader that syncs with my RSS app on my phone.  But lately I've found myself opening up iDygest if I just want to see a quick highlight of what's been going on the world of all things Apple.

When first launching iDygest, the app will populate the latest Apple feeds into the first tab. You can then browse through those or choose to look at top stories. You can also search for Apple news. The app really seems to catch a lot of the same Apple news you'll get from browsing 5 different sites. One obvious advantage to this app is when browsing through, you don't get double-posts as the app uses an algorithm to pull stories, it isn't random. I have several Apple sites in my RSS feed and one thing I see is duplicate stories (which we all know will happen when you're browsing news sites). This somewhat solves that problem by only pulling in the same story one time. At least I haven't run into duplicates as of yet.  One down side I have noticed is the search feature doesn't seem to be that accurate.

It definitely won't completely replace your RSS app (unless all you do is skim iNews and nothing more). There were few times I saw stories stories we had posted as well as other sites, but they still never made it into iDygest. For the most part, they were little things that maybe iDygest's algorithms won't pick up on. Either way - if you want a way to quickly browse through iNews, this is a more than decent solution.

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  • No double posts like you see when congregating several feeds that may contain the same story
  • Slick interface and UI
  • Quick load times


  • Sometimes misses stories
  • Sometimes slow with scrolling (tested on an iPhone 4)
  • Pull to refresh would be a nice addition
  • Search doesn't seem to be very intuitive

TiPb iPhone 4-star rated

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