Images of Apple's 35W USB-C charger allegedly leaked

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What you need to know

  • Apple leaked its new 35W USB-C charger last week.
  • New images purportedly depicting the accessory have been shared.
  • It looks exactly like a 35W USB-C charger with two ports.

New images purportedly depicting Apple's upcoming 35W dual port USB-C charger have been shared, after the company accidentally revealed such a device was in the works last week.

ChargerLAB took to Twitter stating:

Apple is planning to release its first 35W dual USB-C charger.ChargerLAB got the leaked pics of it. It adopts foldable prongs, and unlike other chargers, two USB-C ports are side by side.We'll bring more information about this charger.

As ChargerLAB notes the design looks very similar to the folding power adaptor available in the UK. ChargerLAB is not an established source of leaks, however, these are extremely high-quality images that depict a completely plausible design. The folding prongs depicted also reflect Apple's own leaked description of the charger that states "extend the electrical prongs (if necessary)".

In its report, ChargerLAB postulates that while the device will support 35W charging through one of its two USB-C ports, using both simultaneously will reduce the power output to 18W. The charger is a welcome new accessory from Apple that will let users charge devices like its best iPhones and iPads such as the iPhone 13 and iPad Air at the same time from just one socket. Even though this is a USB-C adapter, it will work with the iPhone through a USB-C to Lightning cable that now ships as standard with Apple's flagship devices.

Apple leaked the plans for its charger through a support document that stated "Use the Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter and a USB-C cable (not included) to charge your device."

Top analyst and supply chain leaker Ming-Chi Kuo said components for the charger are nearing mass production, and Apple may ship 2-3 million of these devices in 2022. It seems likely the charger will be sold as a separate accessory, rather than included with more power-hungry devices in the box.

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