Save 64% on Live Home 3D Pro for Mac!

If you're looking to redesign your home, add a little extra flare by knocking down that pesky wall between your living room and kitchen, try out some new color palettes, or experiment with a funky new look for your bedroom, or bathroom, but think all this stuff is way too time-consuming and tough: well, you're not alone.

Pay just $25 for this powerful design program!

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Sure, you could struggle with an interior designer, or if you're a contractor looking to map things out for a client, you could fumble through frustrating online programs, trying to figure out what works and looks best, or you could cut out the middleman and make things easier for yourself with a program that actually works.

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac was created to help you build, design, and imagine a living space from the ground up, from something as basic as a shed in the backyard to your ultimate master bedroom to a skyscraper that towers above the city.

With Live Home 3D Pro for Mac, you can…

  • Design advanced 2D floor plans using intuitive, point & click drafting tools
  • Explore the 2D side view of a design using the elevation view to see walls, adjust doors & windows, or arrange furniture
  • Create more complex custom materials w/ reflective & glossy surfaces for interior design projects
  • Add a custom light source to any object & take full control over light attenuation, glow, & direction
  • Edit objects using SketchUp to seamlessly send changes back to the app
  • Render your movie tracks to high-quality, ultra HD video files
  • Build an unlimited amount of stories for each project

Normally you'd pay $70 for a full-featured program like this, but with iMore Digital Offers, you'll only have to pay $24.99! That's 64% off the original price!

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