iMore Show 725: iPhone 12 Unboxing LIVE!

iMore show 725
iMore show 725 (Image credit: iMore)

It's double unboxing time on the show! Joe checks out his iPhone 12 Pro in Pacific Blue while Lory shows off the new iPad Air. In addition to delivering their first impressions of the new gadgets, the crew share some tips and tricks for backup and migrating data to your new device.

All that, and AirTags might be announced next month. Apple, please don't let Georgia down!

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Jim Metzendorf

Jim Metzendorf has been using Macs since 1994. He is a podcaster, freelance audio/video editor, and author of ‘The Professional's Guide to Audio Podcast Production'. Jim also teaches audio production at a college in Cleveland, Ohio. Follow him on Twitter: @jmetzendorf

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  • Device to device transfer -- I have not tested this with an iPhone, but for iPad, I did not need ANY extra cables or adapters or anything. The new iPad (regular 8th gen) was not even connected to a power source. The old iPad (an Air from about 6 years ago) was connected to power and was on our home WiFi network. In the middle of the set up, the new iPad offered to transfer all data. All I had to do was bring the new iPad within about 3 feet of the old one and everything started automatically. No cables. No nothing. Very fast. (Faster than setting up cables and transferring from the Mac and faster than iCloud). I wondered if it was using AirDrop or just the WiFi or if that was the same thing. I cannot imagine that Apple would make it so easy for iPad and require all those adapters and stuff for iPhone. Wesley Sasaki-Uemura