Instagram and Google Chrome get updated for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5

Instagram and Google Chrome have finally received updates for compatibility with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5’s larger 4-inch screen. When we say finally, it’s funny as the iPhone 5 has only been out for less than a week but it seems like if your app is not updated on the day of launch then it’s already late to the party.

Instagram, which has over 80 million users worldwide is updated to version 3.1.0 and includes iPhone 5 support, iOS 6 support, improved password recovery procedures and a redesigned registration flow.

Google Chrome’s update is equally as simple; it again includes support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 as well as a few stability and security improvements.

There are still many apps that need to be updated for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen but at least as every day goes by we can tick more and more off that wanted list. Which apps are you waiting for to be updated for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5?

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