Instagram finally flips the switch on video ads, launching with big names on board

Instagram announced that it was bringing advertisements to users last year, and now the first full-on video ads are starting to arrive. The first ad spots, which land between eight and 15 seconds long, come from big names like Disney, Activision, Lancome, Banana Republic and CW, and are shown sparingly in user's Instagram feeds.

Instagram says that it works tightly with advertisers to make sure that the video content — just like its still image ads — will actually be appealing and not stick out so strongly. Ads are also loosely targeted based on a user's age, gender and country. The first four ads, which Adweek have found and isolated, are available at the source link below.

We all knew this was coming eventually, but now that it's here it'll be a fine line for Instagram to walk as it goes further away from just showing you pictures and videos from people you explicitly follow. Keep an eye on your feed next time you scroll through.

Source: Adweek

Andrew Martonik

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