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Instagram for iPhone updated with new filter and fixed privacy

Less than two weeks after adding the new Willow filters and other tweaks, Instagram for iPhone has added yet another filter called Mayfair. This update was actually available last night caused a bit of an uproar with a misleading privacy toggle. It appeared that private accounts were switched to public, but it turns out that was only a bug and private accounts were actually still private, and a new update, today, fixes that bug.

The new Mayfair filter has a warm pink town, subtle vignetting that brightens the center of the photo and includes an optional thin black border. Instagram claims it works great with evenly and well-lit scene in combination with the Lux feature. It also worked great on a picture of my daughter (see above) and a Christmas tree ornament. I see Mayfair becoming one of my new favorite filters, actually, as it has a clean, natural feel.

Instagram 3.4 also now supports 25 languages, brings back the ability to share photos from any album on your iPhone, and includes Facebook iOS 6 integration.

Instagram users, what do you think of the new filter?

Source: Instagram blog

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  • My goodness! To the parent of the girl toddler in the photo - Put a shirt/top on that child!
  • Calm down it's a baby. Back on topic.. I am still keeping mine deleted because of them being owned and associated with Facebook.
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