Instapuzzle for iPhone review: Unscramble your Instagram photos in this fun puzzler

Instapuzzle for iPhone is a fun little game that cuts up Instagram photos into little square, scrambles them, and leaves it to you reassemble. The goal is to put the photo back together in as little moves and as quickly as possible.

Instapuzzle lets you play with your own Instagram photos as well with those taken by your friends, ones you've liked, and ones from a featured tag (this is currently #hoops).

To play the Instapuzzle, you simply slide the the tiles to the appropriate place. If you put a tile in the correct spot, the progress bar will advance, indicating that it's correct. However, there is no indication on the tile itself, so you must make a mental note when one is where it should be. You will also see a timer and ticker that keeps track of the number of moves you've made.

If you get stuck, you can use a hint to see what the original photos looks like. There are 5 hints included for free, with more available as in-app purchases.

Instapuzzle also includes sections where you can view your personal stats including the number of puzzles you've solved, how much time you've spent playing, and the distanced you've moved. You can also view all your high scores broken down by difficulty.

Instapuzzle includes 3 different difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. Easy cuts the photo up into 16 square, Medium is 25 squares, and Hard is 36 squares.

The good

  • Really awesome interface
  • Play with your photos, your friends' photos, photos you've liked, or photos from the featured tag
  • Progress bar indicates how close you are to solving the puzzle
  • 3 different difficult levels
  • View stats and high scores
  • Buy hints as in-app purchases

The bad

  • Can't play with photos from Instagram's Popular feed

The bottom line

If you're looking for a fun new way use your Instagram photos, Instapuzzle is great game. It's a very simple idea for a game, but the developers did an awesome job of putting it together; Instapuzzle is very polished.

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